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Easy Linux Commands

Some Easy Linux Commands

show directory size

du -hs /path/to/file

show hardisk usage

df -h

change password for a user

passwd user 

shutdown system

shutdown -h now 

restart system

shutdown -r now 

show memory

free -m

kill process

kill -9 processid

show all processes

ps aux

change tiemzone

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

sync time from ntp time server

 ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com pool.ntp.org

copy file

cp -rf  sourcefilepath/sourcefilename destfilepath/

move file

move -rf sourcefilepath/sourcefilename destfilepath/destfilename 

create symbol link

ln -s sourcefile linkname 

move file to another name, like default

 mv /dir/main.cf{,.default}

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